Discovery Microscope Replaced


Microscope design has advanced rapidly in recent years. In order to stay at the forefront of modern video microscopy, Information in Images has discontinued sales of the Discovery microscope and updated the range of microscopes that it offers.


  • The Video Microscope previously supplied to many of our Museum, Aquarium and Educational Clients have now been replaced by a new range of ruggged and versatile systems that add so much more capability to the previous high resolution imaging and display performance. 
  • The New Systems incorporate both optical and digital zoom technologies, to deliver an extended magnification range as well as image capture, on-screen measurement & annotation, image stacking, image comparison and even higher resolution optics. Fixed and variable position/intensity LED illumination provides control over the lighting applied to different samples in order to emphasize features. 


Advanced Video Microscope 


  • The New, Advanced AVM models include an in-built computer to conveniently operate the system via a mouse / keyboard and on-screen icons, providing extensive in-depth control. Finger-operated controls on the front of the microscope are maintained for visitor use. 
  • Full high-resolution images are captured internally and to USB memory.  Direct integration into a network allows high resolution images to be saved locally and shared globally while alternative models connect with PCs and MAC computers.
  • Interchangeable wireless Visible/IR and UV LED ring illuminators help to reveal more detail in the sample than ever before. 


Video Microscope

with Glide Stage 



Integrated Video Microscope 


Budget restraints and versatility have been recognised within the new range, as contemporary mechnical design, LED and digital technologies are employed to deliver High Quality Imaging at Lower Costs.


  • The new MICRO-i model integrates optical and digital zoom, visible and infra-red LED illumination, high-resolution (1080P) HDMI and USB connections, auto-focus, wireless remote control, multiple-language selection, large stages for easy and controlled sample movement and a tilting stage to position irregular shaped samples. PC software is included for image capture, editing, measurement and text.


With such a range of amazing video microscopes, it's important to select the most appropriate display for your system.


  • An extensive range of video displays and projectors is available to enhance the viweing experience, including Full-HD (1080P) and U-HD (4K) models from 24" to 80"+. We even supply water- and dust-proof models for demanding internal and external environments.


Public Engagement, Museum and Educational Clients are already enjoying the new capabilities delivered by the revised range and praising their selection. 



Details of the new range of video microscopes are on the website.


Information in Images is committed to update and improve its range of imaging systems.             

Keep watching for more annoucements.